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The trade the Yankees didn't make

After their loss in the Wild Card game last night, Brian Cashman talked about a trade that he didn't pull the trigger on.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Yankees were kicked out of the playoffs after being shutout by the Houston Astros. After the game, Brian Cashman revealed that he had an offer on the table for Ben Zobrist, but ultimately decided against it.

While the initial knee jerk reaction from fans might have been one of disappointment, as Zobrist is a well known player with versatility, it's hard to argue that it would have been beneficial for the short and longterm success of the Yankees. He undoubtedly would have provided more offense to a team that desperately needed it at the tail-end of the season, but considering that New York finished six games behind the Blue Jays, they would have needed far more help than just Zobrist.

He's also a free agent at the end of the 2015 season, which means that Cashman essentially would have traded seven years of Refsnyder, and three years of Warren, for a rental player. There's also the fact that both players the Yankees would have had to part with, could be major pieces of their future.

Warren has a career ERA of 3.39, (3.05 as a reliever), and the Yankees view Refsnyder as their second baseman of the future. He's posted a wRC+ of at least 123 since 2013 (five different levels), and in very limited action in the majors this season, Refsnyder had a slash line of .302/.348/.512 with an ISO of .209, and a wOBA of .363.

Sometimes the best moves are the deals that aren't made, and in this case, that's undeniably true.