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Marlins rumors: Miami's managerial search is underway

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After a rather interesting 2015 season with Dan Jennings as the skipper, Miami is actively looking for their next manager.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Marlins search for their next manager is in full effect after the team officially announced that Dan Jennings would not return in that role for 2016. While Jennings has been asked to rejoin the club's front office as general manager, it is still unclear whether or not he will take that offer.

Larry Bowa, Manny Acta and Bo Porter are some names that have been thrown around as potential candidates for the Marlins, who are seeking someone with previous managerial experience.

Miami has received permission to speak with Diamondbacks Triple-A manager Phil Nevin, who doesn't have that desired experience. Nevin was, however, interviewed by the Astros for their open position following the 2014 season.

The current coaching staff for the Marlins has been promised the opportunity to meet and speak with whoever is ultimately chosen for the job, according to president of baseball operations Michael Hill.

Whatever the Marlins plan on doing, they would prefer to have a quick resolution to both matters. If Jennings decides not to return, the Marlins would like to have a new person set in place in order for their front office to be prepared for the offseason and the winter meetings. Having a set manager will also help in the recruiting process for potential free agents.

While teams want to explore all options, they also need to act quickly and decisively to ensure their ducks are in a row for the frenzy that is the offseason.