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Phillies rumors: Ken Giles available for trade

The Phillies flame throwing closer could be had for the right price

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While Matt Klentak, the new Phillies GM, isn't actively seeking to trade Ken Giles, it appears that he would be willing to part with the closer should the right package come along.

"It's not a goal [to trade Giles]. We're trying as much as possible to collect as many good young controllable quality players as we can. But as I said last week and probably the week before that, we're trying to be opportunistic at every turn and trying not to operate in absolutes. I think Ken is terrific. He's great in his role. We want to hold the leads we can hold, but I don't want to categorically say we will or we don't do anything."

Over the last two seasons, Giles has pitched 115.2 innings, and posted a K/9 of 11.75, a BB/9 of 2.80, a minuscule HR/9 of 0.23, and a 1.56 ERA along with a 1.82 FIP. Of the relievers available on the trade market, Giles would undoubtedly be at the top of the list.

Giles is under team control through the 2020 season, and while the Phillies won't be back in contention for at least a couple years, there's no rush to trade him now. If Klentak does indeed want to trade Giles to help address another area of need, he could wait until the trade deadline when teams are more willing to part with valuable prospects.

However with Giles under control for another five seasons, Klentak could ultimately decide that his worth to the Phillies exceeds that of any package they do receive. Relievers don't typically bring back top prospects on their own, and unless Philadelphia was blown away by an offer, Giles could be around for the long haul.