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Nationals rumors: Club interested in Ben Zobrist

Washington is interested in Ben Zobrist, perhaps the most versatile player in baseball.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to James Wagner of the Washington Post, the Nationals have shown interest in signing Ben Zobrist.

While it's fair to say that nearly every team likely has an interest in Ben Zobrist, the Nationals have one of the greatest needs for him. As Wagner notes, he could step into the full-time role at 2nd base, but he also has experience at shortstop, as well as in the outfield.

In 535 plate appearances this season, Zobrist hit .276/.359/.450, along with a wOBA of .349 and a wRC+ of 123. While he's already 34 years old, Zobrist has been one of the most reliable players in baseball since 2009, as he's hit .271/.363/.439 with a wOBA of .351 and a wRC+ of 124 over that time.

Zobrist is undoubtedly looking for a multi-year deal, as this is likely his last chance at securing a significant payday. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs projected that he'll receive a 4-year contract worth $76 million, while Jon Heyman agreed on the overall number of years, but suggested a figure of $60 million.