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Jackie Bradley Jr. trade rumors: Mariners, Cubs, and Royals all interested

Jackie Bradley's days in Boston could be numbered, as his name has been mentioned frequently this offseason.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple sources, there's a significant amount of interest in Jackie Bradle Jr., and there seems to be a strong likelihood that he'll be playing for a team other than the Red Sox in 2016. As of this moment, the Mariners, Cubs, and Royals have all been connected to Bradley.

If the 2016 season were to start today, the Mariners would have James Jones as their starting center fielder, which simply isn't a realistic option. Seattle has already been linked to Brett Gardner, and it's clear that Jerry Dipoto is attempting to upgrade his outfield via a trade.

As for the Cubs and Royals, both teams are in need of another outfielder, but for different positions. Chicago is on the hunt for a center fielder, as Dexter Fowler is a free agent and could sign elsewhere; whereas the Royals are searching to replace Alex Rios at the very least, and possibly Alex Gordon.

Fortunately for the interested teams, Bradley has experience playing all three outfield positions, and is above average in each case. In 2015 he played 122.1 innings in left; 224 in center; and 262 in right. He also has a fantastic arm, as he showed last year when he threw a ball from home plate over the center field wall in Fenway.