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Kansas City Royals decline options on Alex Rios, Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie and Alex Rios are due to become free agents after the Royals declined their options.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

A day after the parade, the Kansas City Royals dealt with some roster moves, and declined to pick up options on two of their players.

Rios, had his option been picked up, would have been due $12.5 million next season. After appearing in 105 games for the Royals, Rios' .279 wOBA and general below-average play all-but-ensured his option would be declined. Instead, he will be paid a $1.5 million buyout.

Guthrie would have made $10 million had the option been picked up but will make $3.2 million not to play for the Royals. The 36-year old pitcher was nearly one-win below replacement in 2015 according to fWAR. That means his 148.1 innings actually cost the Royals a win. Guthrie's groundball rate dropped significantly from his career average, while his home run per flyball rate was among the worst in the league. If he can iron out those miscues, Guthrie could still return to the majors next season.

In total, the Royals are taking roughly $17.8 million off the books with these two moves.