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Twins win right to negotiate with Byung-ho Park of KBO

The Minnesota Twins now have exclusive negotiating rights with Byung-ho Park

Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Late last week the Nexen Heroes of the of the KBO League reportedly accepted a $12.85 million bid after posting their first baseman, Byung-ho Park. Monday morning it was finally announced that the mystery team was, in fact, the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins, who now have exclusive negotiating rights with Park, bid more than double what the Pirates bid to acquire fellow South Korean Jung-ho Kang last off-season. Park is a two-time KBO MVP and is known as one of the league's best hitters. If the Twins fail to sign Park, they will not have to pay the posting fee however.

Park finished this past season with 53 home runs -- a career-best -- in 140 games. Park's OBP was a remarkable .436 and has been above .430 for the past three seasons. The Nexen Heroes picked an opportune time to post their first baseman, however, the bid fell short of the MLB-maximum $20 million bid. Perhaps Park's best tool though, is his batflip.

With Joe Mauer signed until 2018, the Twins plans at first base are now unclear. Both Mauer's and Park's bats have to be in the lineup which likely means one will become the full-time designated hitter. However, this likely triggers a busy off-season for the Twins and Terry Ryan.