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White Sox sign Nate Jones to 3-year, $8 million extension

Nate Jones has agreed to a 3-year extension with the Chicago White Sox.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jerry Crasnick, the White Sox have extended reliever Nate Jones.

In 2015, Jones pitched 19 innings, and posted a K/9 of 12.79, a BB/9 of 2.84, and a HR/9 of 2.37. While he posted an ERA of 3.32, his penchant for giving up home runs elevated his FIP to 4.66. Jones has thrown 168.2 innings over the course of four major league seasons, and spent much of the last year recovering from back surgery, and Tommy John surgery.

Across the major leagues, Jones has one of the most powerful fastballs in the game.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of Jones' new extension is the fact that there's a clause that states if he needs another TJ surgery, the "White Sox get three options at [a] total of $8.5M. If he doesn't, two club options at $9.5M and [a] mutual option at $6M."

While not exactly the same, this clause is somewhat similar to the language in John Lackey's previous contract that he signed with the Red Sox, which ultimately allowed the Cardinals to pick up his option in 2015 for just $507.5K.

If Jones proves to be healthy, and can limit the number of home runs allowed, he could be a tremendous asset to the White Sox.