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Denard Span rumors: Scott Boras expects a deal soon

Denard Span's market appears to be heating up.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

According to Scott Boras, Denard Span could have a new contract relatively soon.

While injuries shortened Span's 2015 season, when he was able to take the field, he proved that he's still an above average hitter. In 275 plate appearances, Span posted a slash line of .301/.365/.431 with a wOBA of .348, a wRC+ of 120, and an fWAR of 1.4. His defense has suffered over the last two seasons, as he cost the Nationals ten runs by DRS in 2015, and three runs in 2014.

As of now, it's unclear as to what Span's market might be, but there would seemingly be more than a handful of teams that could use him. The Giants, White Sox, Orioles, Angels, Royals, Twins, Mets, Nationals, and Indians all have a need for an outfielder, and Span could represent a more attractive option than Yoenis Cespedes, Alex Gordon, or Justin Upton.

He won't require a five or six year deal north of $100 million, and Span isn't attached to a qualifying offer, which means the team that ultimately signs him won't be forced to give up a draft pick.

Span's market will be interesting to follow, as the teams that ultimately miss out on him could shift their focus to Dexter Fowler, if he's still a free agent. With just two days left in 2015, and premier talent still available on the open market, January could be an incredibly active month.