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Dodgers sign Scott Kazmir to 3-year deal

The Dodgers have signed Scott Kazmir to fill out their rotation.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

As the offseason has progressed, one of the most frequently asked questions has been, what are the Dodgers doing? They lost out on Zack Greinke and Johnny Cueto to division rivals, and saw Hisashi Iwakuma go back to the Mariners after it appeared that he was set to don the Dodger blue.

Their 2015 offseason has been somewhat of a disaster, but today they rectified it slightly by adding left-hander Scott Kazmir to their rotation.

Unlike the Iwaukma signing, which only beat and national writers reported, the Dodgers have officially announced this deal. Kazmir drew interest from several clubs, including the A's, Nationals, Royals, and Orioles, but he ultimately landed with the Dodgers.

This has been the offseason of opt-outs, and Scott Kazmir might hold the title for the strangest one.

Cueto received an opt-out after the second year of his contract, but Kazmir has his after his first season with the Dodgers. While an opt-out after a single season is undoubtedly odd, given the lack of premier pitchers in the 2016-2017 free agent class, it makes sense as to why he would want that option.

Kazmir had a mixed 2015 season. He was excellent with Oakland, but faltered with Houston, as he posted an ERA of 4.17, along with an FIP of 5.19. Adding Kazmir to Los Angeles' rotation makes them incredibly left-handed, as he's joining Clayton Kershaw, Brett Anderson, Alex Wood, and Hyun-jin Ryu.

After a long and difficult road to acquiring a starting pitcher, the Dodgers finally have their man, and Kazmir could prove to be their biggest move of the offseason.