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Jose Fernandez rumors: The latest on Miami's starting pitcher

The Marlins continue to deny that Jose Fernandez could be traded, but multiple sources have said they're engaging in discussions surrounding him.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Fernandez has been the subject of many rumors this offseason, and he could even be available in a trade; but that depends on who you talk to. According to Michael Hill, Miami's president of baseball operations, Fernandez isn't going anywhere.

As we've seen over the last week, the price of free agent pitchers has skyrocketed, and most teams wouldn't even entertain the thought of trading someone like Fernandez. But the Marlins aren't like other teams, and according to Buster Olney and Jayson Stark, they might even be making progress in a potential deal.

While Stark notes that a deal still appears unlikely, with multiple teams potentially chasing Fernandez, the Marlins could receive an incredible trade package. Craig Kimbrel was able to net the Padres four prospects from Boston, and Fernandez might be able to retrieve more overall players, and of a greater skill set.

As of now, it appears that the Marlins are going to deny that they're listening to offers on Fernandez, but that doesn't mean much. Just last year at the winter meetings in San Diego, Farhan Zaidi said "we are not dangling [Dee Gordon]. He is our second baseman", but just two days later he was a member of the Marlins.

Players are often deemed "untouchable", but in reality nearly everyone in the game can be had for a certain price. If a team were to offer the Marlins a package of five or six players with top prospects and MLB ready talent, Miami could ultimately decide to pull the trigger. Fernandez is undoubtedly valuable, but the Marlins could upgrade their team significantly through a trade.