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Rangers trade rumors: Jon Daniels denies report that they're shopping Prince Fielder

The club is hoping to have another team pick up the bulk of Fielders' remaining deal.

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Jon Daniels has denied the report that the Rangers are shopping Prince Fielder.


ORIGINAL: Texas is reportedly open to moving Prince Fielder and is "surveying clubs' interest" in picking up the remainder of his current deal, according to Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News.

Although the Rangers are hoping to complete a deal, the club does not appear to be receiving much of a response, Grant notes.

Why this rumor makes sense

Though the Tigers are also currently paying $30 million of Fielder's remaining contract, the Rangers might feel he is too expensive to keep on the roster. Texas still owes him $90 million through 2020 unless the organization can find a way to trade him this winter.

Finding a trade partner might be challenging, though, since in any deal the club acquiring Fielder would almost certainly be asked to pay a significant part of his remaining deal.

There are several clubs seeking power bats, however what the Rangers would ask for in return is not clear at this point.

Fielder would be a valuable addition to any club's lineup after he batted .305/.378/.463 to complement 23 home runs and 98 RBIs.

Why this rumor does not make sense

Although the Rangers have a clear desire to move Fielder and current extensive deal, there is no indication a team will be open to acquiring the veteran first baseman. His contract is notably large, and any interested team might not be open to taking on as much of the contract as the Rangers would like.

Texas might also seek notable prospects in return, and as a result, moving Fielder could prove to be challenging.

Teams seeking a power hitting infielder would likely consider other possibilities before thinking about acquiring Fielder.

Likeliness overall: 4/10

Texas wants to move Fielder, but doing so could be challenging considering his extensive contract.