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Cubs in on Ben Zobrist, talking Starlin Castro trade with Yankees

The Cubs appear to be involved in a couple deals that could drastically reshape their roster.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are in on Ben Zobrist, but would likely need another move to come to fruition before that could happen.

Multiple reports have suggested that Zobrist wants to play second base full-time, rather than continue in a super-utlility role, which seemingly ruled the Cubs out of the running for his services; but Chicago could re-work their roster to create an opening for him.

Javier Baez was linked to the Rays in a deal that might have netted Jake Odorizzi, but seeing as he's not the starting second baseman, that likely wouldn't have had an affect on the Cubs signing Zobrist.

However less than 30 minutes after Rosenthal's initial tweet about Chicago being in on Zobrist, he reported that the Cubs are in talks to send Starlin Castro to the Yankees.

Castro is owed over $40 million for the next four seasons, which is a reasonable salary if he can continue to hit like he did at the tail-end of 2015. While the Cubs have been rumored as a potential landing spot for Brett Garnder if they linked up with the Yankees in a trade, Joel Sherman is reporting that he wouldn't be a part of this deal.

If Castro was indeed dealt to the Yankees, Rob Refsnyder's future with the club could be up in the air. While this is merely speculation at this point, he'd likely generate a fair amount of interest on the trade market, as he's a controllable second baseman who's hit well at every level of professional baseball.

Many writers expected Zobrist to come to a decision on his future today, but there's seemingly been something holding up the process. It's possible that with the Cubs interested in his services, he doesn't want to make his final choice until they've exhausted all scenarios.