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Dodgers will 'go crazy' to sign Yoan Moncada

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The Cuban prospect has several more workouts scheduled, and his agent is hopeful a decision can be made by the end of the month.

After officially becoming a free agent, Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada has continued to workout for several major league clubs. David Hastings, Moncada's agent, told ESPN's Jerry Crasnick he is hoping to have all of the input he needs in order for Moncada to make a decision by February 23.

Moncada is expected to field offers over the next two weeks, with Hastings hoping for a clearer picture of where Moncada will ultimately end up. Moncada would like to report to a club's spring training camp as soon as possible, with pitchers and catchers preparing to report over the next ten days. If the two week time line is followed, Moncada would be able to join a club right when or soon after positions players are due to report.

MLB Trade Rumors notes Moncada could receive a signing bonus between $30 and $40 million, with the Yankees, Dodgers, Padres, and Red Sox all reportedly interested. Moncada could cost close to $70 or $80 million when the 100 percent tax on each dollar spent in the international bonus pool is taken into consideration.

Since the Dodgers are a large market team, Los Angeles could make sense for Moncada. According to Dylan Hernandez of The Los Angeles Times, the Dodgers are not as concerned about what Moncada would cost as they are about what future financial limitations would follow if they signed him. The Dodgers' new front office is hoping to restock the club's minor league system, and by signing Moncada, the organization would be restricted from signing an international player for more than $300,000 in each of the subsequent signing periods, according to Trade Rumors. Ken Davidoff of the New York Post spoke to a National League official who said the Dodgers "are going to go crazy" for Moncada.

After adding James Shields, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal believes the Padres may not have the financial stability to pay Moncada. The club has also been linked to Cole Hamels, and San Diego's front office may not be able to produce such a large amount of cash immediately.

The Yankees have consistently had interest in Moncada, Davidoff adds, but they may be outbid by a National League team.

Boston has been active this offseason, signing free agent infielders Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. The Red Sox are confident in their infield depth, and as a result, do not seem enthusiastic about their pursuit of Moncada, according to Davidoff.

Moncada has been compared to Chase Utley and Robinson Cano, and is considered a five-tool prospect. He is the most recent Cuban prospect seeking to join a major league club, and is hoping to be ready for the start of the season.