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Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria denies manager firing rumors

Mike Redmond has fought off rumors of his firing for now, earning an endorsement from Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria.

Marc Serota/Getty Images

Miami Marlins manager Mike Redmond got an endorsement from owner Jeffrey Loria, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

Speaking to after the Marlins defeated the Nationals 6-2, Loria said of Redmond, "He's the manager. Period. All teams go through bad moments. Ours came early."

Loria also offered praise for Redmond, whose team is 8-11 now after starting 3-11. "He did a very nice job last year, and he works hard."

This is in sharp contrast from only a week ago, when rumors circulated that Redmond was under the microscope from his owner and potential replacements were being lined up. Wally Backman, manager for the Mets AAA Las Vegas affiliate and considered the favorite to replace Redmond, is no longer being considered.

What changed in the past week?

Sounds pretty obvious, but the Marlins started winning. As of today, the team is riding a five game winning streak that includes beating the Washington Nationals, World Series favorite.

Loria suggested that it was just a bad moment for this Marlins team that has been dealing with its fair share of injuries and under-performance. Despite this apparent endorsement, Loria is known for his quick hook with managers -- he fired both Joe Girardi and Ozzie Guillen after only one season.

Redmond was given an extension through the 2017 season, but clearly Loria will make a change if he so pleases.

What happens from here?

The Marlins had a spending spree this off season when then brought in Dan Haren, Dee Gordon, Michael Morse and payed Giancarlo Stanton to stay in Miami. There are presumably high expectations from the front office for this team to contend in the National League East and make the playoffs.

A five game winning streak could buy Redmond some time, but if it doesn't come together and the Marlins don't start competing, Loria will continue his time-honored tradition of canning a manager. Even if he's not fired soon, Redmond's job is still clearly in a precarious position for the foreseeable future.