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MLB Daily Dish staff openings

Join the staff! We have several significant, paid and volunteer openings.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Now hiring:

  • Weekend anchor -- Editorials, reactions, hot takes, analyses. (Volunteer / audition)
  • Weekend newsdesk -- Will grab news, rumors, and roundups on Saturdays and Sundays (Volunteer / audition)


You know and understand the purpose of MLB Daily Dish: We cover everything that could, should, or would affect an MLB 25-man roster. That means you need to know the ins and outs of roster construction, transactions, and MLB trade rumors as an industry to itself.

You can write well, independently, and quickly. You self-edit but take advice and adopt suggestions based on best-practices.

You understand AP style, the inverse pyramid, and fact-based reporting with sources, but can also flex a bit of your own knowledge, voice, and analysis of the entire league.

Interested? Please fill out and submit the following: