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Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki to consider requesting trade

On Thursday morning, the Colorado shortstop will meet with his agent to determine whether he will request a trade.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Tulowitzki is tired of losing. Colorado is 11-17 heading into Tuesday night's contest against the Angels, and according to Joel Sherman of The New York Post, the Rockiesshortstop is meeting with agent Paul Cohen on Thursday to determine if he will request a trade.

Sherman was told Cohen spent a notable amount of time discussing the same topic last offseason as a result of Tulowitzki's frustration. The Rockies had a nine-game losing streak heading into Tuesday night and the club may not be competitive in the immediate future. Tulowitzki, 30, has posted a .307/.317/.495 batting line to complement two home runs and ten RBIs to this point in 2015.

Colorado has expressed interest in rebuilding in the past and trading Tulowitzki to a contending team may be realistic and facilitate the process. San Diego, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and the Mets could all be open to upgrading at shortstop and adding Tulowitzki would likely not only improve each club's lineup, but also the overall infield defense. The Yankees are seeking a long-term option, and as a result, Sheman notes the organization is not expected to pursue Tulowitzki.

Although the Rockies may be inclined to quickly trade Tulowitzki if he requests to be dealt, doing so may be a challenge because of his contract. Tulowitzki still has six years and $118 million left on his current deal but clubs may be hesitant to add him because he is coming off notable hip surgery.

If he is traded, Tulowitzki will have full no-trade protection added to his contract and would also receive a $2 million bonus. Since the organization has not allowed Carlos Gonzalez to be traded, the Rockies may not be inclined to trade another star piece.

Colorado wants to build around Corey Dickerson and Nolan Arenado and the Rockies would almost certainly receive top prospects back in any deal involving Tulowitzki. While nothing is imminent, Tulowitzki could be dealt soon. The timetable will likely become clear once Thursday's meeting concludes.