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Braves, Dodgers talking Alberto Callaspo-Juan Uribe trade; UPDATE: REJECTED!

The deal would have sent Callaspo to the Dodgers, Juan Uribe to the Braves along with other pieces being involved.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

UPDATE: Alberto Callaspo has rejected a trade from the Braves to the Dodgers in exchange for Juan Uribe, according to Ken Rosenthal:

The deal potentially included cash and as-of-yet unknown 'lesser names.' Whether this deal resurfaces in another form remains to be seen.


Original story: The Dodgers and Braves are discussing the framework of a deal that would send Alberto Callaspo to Los Angeles in exchange for Juan Uribe, according to Ken Rosenthal.

But wait!

It was reported Monday that the Braves were attempting to trade Callaspo, and is apparently why he was kept out of game action.

With Callaspo having the ability to reject any trade, it's rather noteworthy that both Callaspo and Uribe are represented by the same agent.

It has been a rough 2015 season for the third baseman, who has hit .206 in 123 plate appearances.

Meanwhile, Juan Uribe had been a staple for the Dodgers at third base since 2011 but at age 36 the Dodgers may have felt it was time to make a change. In 29 games this season, Uribe is hitting .247 with a wRC+ of just 69.

What's in it for the Dodgers?

Dodgers infield prospect Corey Seager has shown his bat is ready to be tested against MLB pitchers but the Dodgers haven't haven't been able to open a spot for him. With Uribe being moved off of third, it's certainly fair to wonder if this is the opportunity for which the Dodgers were looking.

Seager has struggled in limited action at AAA, batting .250 in 22 games, but with two home runs last night perhaps his season is starting to turn around. He's consistently been a .300+ hitter throughout his minor league career and still projects as a future star.

This is speculation, but Uribe is seemingly popular on the team and benching him wasn't out of the realm of possibility. The team could have seen this as a potential issue and decided to move him before it became one.

This trade allows them to eliminate that potential issue while also saving money -- Uribe was due $6.5 million this year, while Callaspo only costs $3 million.

What's in it for the Braves?

It may seem odd that the Braves would be taking on the salary of Uribe, but Rosenthal is reporting that money would be included in the deal.  While this deal seemed small initially, it has ballooned to a swap involving two major league players, cash, and more.

The key to this deal for the Braves seems to be in who those minor leaguers are and what kind of potential they have.

The Braves are getting Chris Johnson back, so Uribe's role is uncertain and his part in the trade could be just to make the salary work. John Hart and his team have done an incredible job retooling their minor league system, and building an internal foundation.