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2015 MLB draft prospects: College pitchers

These are the best college pitching talents according to Baseball America.

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This 2015 MLB draft class is as hard to forecast as any in recent memory, but there are more than a few tantalizing pitchers to choose from. Vanderbilt has two fantastic options in Carson Fulmer and Walker Buehler, while UCSB right hander Dillon Tate has some of the best overall stuff in college. Baseball America doesn't offer a firm stamp on who they think the number one talent is, but it's not hard to piece together.

What the top three looks like

Carson Fulmer, Dillon Tate, and Tyler Jay are emerging as the best three in the draft, and could all be picked within the top ten.

Carson Fulmer 100.2 12.21 3.41 1.97
Dillon Tate 95.1 9.46 2.55 2.08
Tyler Jay 56.1 10.42 0.96 0.64

Fulmer remains the most intriguing pitching prospect, with his floor being described as an elite closer. His K/9 is fantastic and has thrown three complete games, two of which were shutouts. Fulmer may be the most MLB ready out of any pitcher in the draft, but UCSB right-hander Dillon Tate may have the best stuff.

According to BA, Tate possesses one of colleges best fastballs and breaking balls. His strikeout rate isn't as sparkly as Fulmer's, but his walk rate is far better. Out of the top three however nobody has as much control as Tyler Jay. His BB/9 and ERA are both below one, and his K/9 is elite.

While Tate is one of the best overall pitching prospects, it's Fulmer and Jay who comprise two thirds of the MLB most ready list. The remaining player is TCU's closer Riley Ferrell. In 27 innings, he has a 0.67 ERA, and a K/9 of 14.

Former teammate Brandon Finnegan skyrocketed through the minor leagues and eventually to the World Series with the Royals; and Ferrell could see a similarly fast promotion. With the bullpen becoming more of a focus among front offices, Ferrell could be in the big leagues before the end of 2015.