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Which MLB manager will be fired next?

With the departure of Ron Roenicke in Milwaukee, more managers may see their already hot seat heat up a little bit more.

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Manager firings are just like knocking down a line of dominoes -- once one has fallen, more tend to fall. Last night, the Milwaukee Brewers fired manager Ron Roenicke after a 7-18 start and have replaced him with Craig Counsel.

With teams off to poor start, general managers and owners may look to pull the trigger on a change, in the hopes that the new manager can turn things around. Here are five teams that could and very likely will make a change.

1) Mike Redmond, Miami Marlins (12-13)

Redmond has already been on the hot seat this season, with rumors that that he was close to being gone already surfacing and subsequently being denied. After comments from Giancarlo Stanton and getting swept by the New York Mets, it looked very gloomy for the Marlins skipper.

A five game winning streak was able to stave off the hounds for the moment, but the Marlins need to continue to succeed and make ground in the NL East in order to maintain some job security. Even then, you never with Loria.

2) Jeff Bainster, Texas Rangers (8-15)

Bainster is in his first season managing in the big leagues and hasn't gotten off to a great start. With a roster filled with injuries and under-performance, Bainster should get a little leeway before getting the hook.

General manager Jon Daniels has said he will not wait longer to shake things up. Could that include a quick firing of a manager? Only time will tell.

3)  Terry Francona, Cleveland Indians (9-15)

Not the ideal start for the Indians, who were considered among the favorites in the American League Central. A 4-8 home record has been the demise of the Indians team in the early going.

Francona has a proven track record for being able to win, and that record should give Francona a bit more time to turn these things around. As the season goes on, if it doesn't turn around, Francona could find himself at the top of the list.

4) Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies (9-17)

Sandberg has been 100-120 as the Phillies manager and he looks to add a few more losses to that record in 2015. It's no shock that the Phillies have been picked to finish last in the National League East, filled with a roster of aging veterans with young, raw "talent."

The Phillies aren't expected to win a lot, but they aren't used to losing. If Sandberg can't prove to be a good manager for the young up and coming talent, Ruben Amaro and the Phillies brass could make a move to somebody better suited for their rebuild.

5) Lloyd McClendon, Seattle Mariners (10-15)

The Seattle Mariners had quite the offseason. After acquiring Robinson Cano two offseasons ago, they decided to add Nelson Cruz to their lineup in the hopes that it was the piece that put them over the top. Behind Felix Hernandez and Tajiwan Walker, the Mariners hoped their offense and pitching melded at the right time to compete in the American League West.

So far that hasn't been the case. Injuries to the rotation, plus a mediocre bullpen has put the Mariners behind the eight-ball.  If this slide continues, the Mariners may want to get somebody new at the helm, in the hopes they can save the season and get back to the playoffs.