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Adam Ottavino lost for season

Ottavino is the newest addition to the growing list of pitchers who have had Tommy John surgery.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Today we learned that Rockies reliever Adam Ottavino was the latest to fall victim to the ghost of Tommy John's UCL, as his ligament is partially torn.

Ottavino had pitched marvelously through 10.1 innings, and saved three games for the Rockies in his brief stint as the closer. He had yet to allow an earned run, and posted an FIP of 1.48 and a SIERA of 1.46. This is a huge blow to a team like Colorado which desperately needs elite relievers.

To figure out the next steps, Ottavino is going to meet famed surgeon Dr. James Andrews, likely at some point in the week. It's not yet clear who will take his roster spot for the more permanent future, but any information will be updated here.