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Devin Mesoraco facing hip surgery

Mesoraco played in just 11 games before being shut down with hip problems, and it doesn't look like he'll return anytime soon.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a breakout 2014 campaign in which Devin Mesoraco hit 25 HR's and posted a 4.5 fWAR, his 2015 season has not gone well, and is only getting worse.

Through 11 games, Mesoraco mustered a slash line of just .083/.214/.083, and produced a wRC+ of minus four. While he'll continue to go through the rehab process, the most likely outcome is that he'll undergo what could be season ending surgery at some point this month.

The Reds are set to play the Chicago White Sox starting on May 8th, and plan to use Mesoraco out of the DH slot. However it's difficult to imagine how that will affect his future. He still cannot physically get into the catching position, and since he has no other position, there's not much wiggle room to keep him in the lineup.

What will the Reds do going forward?

Brayan Pena has been and will continue to be the Reds starting catcher unless he suffers an injury himself, or Walt Jocketty makes an unexpected trade.

He's performed incredibly well thus far, hitting .302/.387/.358 and while he isn't great behind the plate, hasn't cost the Reds much in the way of pitch framing. As Mesoraco is still on the active roster and will be for the immediate future, it's unclear what the corresponding roster move would be once it's needed.