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NL West roundup: Giants streaking, Austin Hedges, Alex Guerrero

The Giants have won five in a row, the Padres called up their top prospect Austin Hedges, and Alex Guerrero's hot start has caused the Dodgers phone to ring

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco Giants have been on a hot streak lately, winning five games in a row, while their starting rotation posted an ERA of .98. After getting off to a 3-9 start, the Giants have gone 12-4, and are sitting in 2nd place behind the Dodgers.

NL West standings 5/6:

NL West W L GB
Dodgers 17 9 -
Giants 14 13 3.5
Padres 14 14 4.0
Rockies 11 13 5.0
Diamondbacks 10 14 6.0

NL West news and notes 5/6:

  • The Padres called up top prospect Austin Hedges earlier this week, and Gaslamp Ball wonders if he'll be able to "fix the pitching staff"
  • Adam Ottavino has a partially torn UCL, and according to Purple Row, has a 99% chance of having to undergo Tommy John surgery. This is particularly awful news for the Rockies as Ottavino was primed to be a big piece of the bullpen for 2015. "His combination of velocity, stuff, and knowledge of the game, made him a sure bet to have a historic year at 20th and blake. He was well on his way there, striking out 13 batters and only allowing six base runners in 10.1 scoreless innings"
  • With a fantastic start in 2015, Alex Guerrero has drawn trade interest from several teams. Through 39 plate appearances, he's hitting .333/.359/.806 with a wRC+ of 218. The Dodgers infield is incredibly crowded however, and "has lead many to speculate that the team could trade from its pool of depth this summer when [Hector] Olivera is ready to hit the major leagues.