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Mets rumors: Steven Matz could be promoted by July

It won't help them hit, but the Mets could add another one of their young prospects to the major league roster.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets were no-hit last night, so the promotion of another young pitcher may not seem to be the solution that fans are clamoring for.

Nevertheless, the New York Mets are planing on promoting their last remaining top end pitching prospect, Steven Matz, by the end of the month according to Adam Rubin of ESPN.

A rotation of Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz is not that far off the horizon. That list doesn't include Zack Wheeler, who is recovering from Tommy John Surgery of his own.

Matz has a Pacific Coast League leading 1.94 ERA, a league-leading 75 strikeouts and a 1.103 WHIP to go with only allowing four home runs, the the hitter-friendly PCL..

The Super-Two date is approaching, and if the Mets wait another 10 or so days, they will be able to gain another year of arbitration for Matz, a good business decision for the future. That was one of the two reasons that kept Matz out of Fushing. The other being too many starting pitchers already there, posing quite the problem for the Mets brass.

The Mets have already tried to do a six-man rotation when Dillon Gee returned, and that failed. Gee has moved to the bullpen, and the can of limiting young pitchers innings was kicked down the road.

When Matz does get promoted, the Mets will have to confront this problem again, this time with seven starters on the big league roster. And that doesn't include Rafael Montero, who is recovering from a shoulder injury.

This promotion obviously will coexist with a trade of a starting pitcher. The Mets have a need with David Wright and Daniel Murphy being sidelined. They could try to move one of these starters in a larger deal that solves two problems: their struggling offense and their overflow of starting pitching.

Or they could just hold on to all this starting pitching and pitch people to death, and win games 1-0.