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10 third basemen to watch at the MLB trade deadline

Who are the third basemen that could come onto the market as the trade deadline approaches?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The hot corner is one of the most important places on the diamond year in, year out and several contenders may be looking to upgrade there at the trade deadline, here are some of the third basemen that may be available for them this summer, ranked by fWAR:

Player fWAR Team
Todd Frazier 3.9 Reds
Kyle Seager 1.7 Mariners
Brett Lawrie 1.1 Athletics
Martin Prado 1.0 Marlins
Luis Valbuena 0.5 Astros
Aramis Ramirez 0.3 Brewers
Will Middlebrooks 0.2 Padres
Gordon Beckham 0.1 White Sox
Pablo Sandoval -0.3 Red Sox
Chris Johnson -0.4 Braves

A move for Frazier or Seager would be unlikely, and require a major haul of prospects heading back to their current teams, but the others could all be on the move.

Who are the most likely candidates to be traded?

Two of the more likely candidates to be moved are near the bottom of the fWAR list in Atlanta's Chris Johnson and Chicago's Gordon Beckham. The Braves have already tried to move Johnson, who has hit .221/.274/.312 in just 77 at bats this season after hitting .263/.292/.361 in 153 games last season.

Meanwhile, Beckham could be part of a larger sell-off for the White Sox. He has hit .223/.288/.354 in 130 at bats this season while playing three different infield positions. He could be a useful utility player for a contender.

Other trade candidates

If a contender is looking for a pure rental at third base with power from the right side, they could make a move for Milwaukee's Aramis Ramirez. Ramirez has already announced that he will be retiring at the end of the season and is on a Brewers team going nowhere. Ramirez has hit .217/.252/.399 so far this season with eight home runs in 203 at bats this season.

If the Padres don't turn things around and decide to sell, Will Middlebrooks could come on the market as well. Middlebrooks has hit .221/.251/.382 with seven home runs playing his home games in the pitcher-friendly confines of Petco Park. Martin Prado, who has hit .272/.311/.370 with Miami this season, could also be available.

The stars

Cincinnati is certainly in position to sell, and if they decide to go for a full rebuild could move Todd Frazier, who has played at an All-Star level this season, hitting .292/.356/.636 with 23 home runs in 2015.

Kyle Seager has a long-term contract in place, but could be pried from Seattle with the right offer. Seager is hitting .265/.318/.447 with 11 home runs for the Mariners this season.