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Andy MacPhail set to join Phillies as top executive

Andy MacPhail, former executive with the Twins, Cubs, and Orioles, is set to take over the Phillies within the next week or two.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to Jon Heyman, the Phillies are expected to name former Twins, Cubs, and Orioles executive Andy MacPhail as the new leader of the club. While current President Pat Gillick will remain with Philadelphia in a consultation role, MacPhail will take over the lion's share of responsibility when it comes to the Phillies' future. He's set to be installed soon, as it will give him ample time to "evaluate the team's general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. and manager Ryne Sandberg".

Gillick "gave generally positive reviews to Amaro and Sandberg" but the writing could be on the wall for one or both of them should MacPhail decide that he wants his own people in these positions. Bud Black was the most recent victim of not being wanted by new management, despite his best attempts to work with what he was provided. Amaro's job security could hang on how well he does at the deadline with trade chips like Cole Hamels and Jonathan Papelbon. He inherited a World Series champion team after the 2008 season, and is largely responsible for the team's subsequent downfall. By handing out lucrative extensions that were unnecessary, he handcuffed the team as they were unable to compete financially in the free agent market; and subsequently forced to trot out an aging core of players who were past their primes.

MacPhail has had great success at the major league level, and helped guide the Twins to World Series Titles in 1987 and 1991 while serving as their GM. He also helped rebuild the Orioles, as he traded for Adam Jones and Chris Tillman, and also brought in Buck Showalter to helm the team.

The Phillies rebuilding process isn't going to happen overnight, but with MacPhail leading the charge, Philadelphia will be in a much better position going forward. He's a proven winner with multiple franchises, and should help turn the tide over the coming seasons. While it remains to be seen what he'll do once he's given the reins, Phillies fans should feel more comfortable than they have in years past. MacPhail will do what's best for the club, which could very well begin with ending the era of Amaro.