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Rival execs on Phillies, Andy MacPhail post-hire trade talks: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Despite Andy MacPhail's imminent arrival, there are still a lot of question marks surrounding the Phillies.

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Andy MacPhail is set to be announced as the new leader of the Phillies later today, and while the general feeling is that they'll be in better hands, rival executives don't have a great understanding of how this will affect trade trade talks going forward.

The fact that high ranking baseball officials seem to know as much as the general public about how MacPhail will change the culture in Philadelphia only makes this situation more intriguing. News leaked out earlier last week that current President, Pat Gillick, was going to hire the former Twins, Cubs, and Orioles executive, but apparently people within the industry still aren't sure what to make of it.

Ryne Sandberg saw the writing on the wall, and rather than wait around to be fired, he stepped aside to allow the Phillies to start the process of determining their next manager. Their GM, Ruben Amaro, could very well be on his way out eventually, but for the moment, he's not going anywhere.

MacPhail's plans are still very much unknown, and Philadelphia's future is in limbo for now. Amaro's long-term status with the club could ultimately hinge on this trade deadline, and how much value he can get back from various players.

Jim Salisbury wrote that while Cole Hamels had reportedly nixed any potential trade with the Astros, that might not be the case, and is considering all options. Anthony Castrovince thinks the Angels should call about Phillies' first baseman, Ryan Howard, while rumors of Jonathan Papelbon to the Cubs continue to circulate. Philadelphia has the potential to rework their roster quickly, but it remains to be seen how realistic they'll get when it comes time to make a deal.