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Mike Scioscia and Jerry Dipoto's relationship 'Looks irreparable'

The fallout from last night's news keeps coming, and only seems to be getting worse.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Last night Ken Rosenthal reported that tensions were brewing between the Angels' General Manager, Jerry Dipoto, and their longtime manager, Mike Scioscia. The feud stemmed from an inability to convey statistical data, and specifically, scouting reports to the players before games. Aside from the actual issues between the two men, there was also anger in the clubhouse regarding the leak.

In 2012, Angels' owner Arte Moreno forced Dipoto and Scioscia to work together, and get over their differences, but in 2015 that doesn't look like a solution. In fact, Moreno might have to pick a side. One source said that "Something's going to give this time. Looks irreparable."

Albert Pujols was one of the players named in Rosenthal's report who allegedly stood up for his manager, and "issued a pointed rebuttal." Pujols apparently added that it was the roster that had changed, and not the coaches; which would place the blame on Dipoto rather than Scioscia and his staff.

When asked about the report, Pujols said "You've got 25 grown men in here" not including the various members of the clubhouse and coaching staff, and that, "Whoever leaked that story, it's really embarrassing. We're supposed to be family here." Their other superstar player, Mike Trout, refused to comment on the leak. "If it's about a game, OK. But if it's about that stuff that came out, I don't want to answer."

While Scioscia said that "he had nothing to say about anything that might or might not have happened. Jerry and I work together the same way that we've worked the last couple years, and that's where we are", this story has legs now, and isn't going to stop the media from prying into the situation. More than one source has confirmed the tensions that are rising within the Angels' organization, and the fact that Pujols said it was embarrassing for one of their own to leak private discussions is all the verification we need.

After coming off a 98 win season, this is just the latest bump in the road for Anaheim. They had to deal with Josh Hamilton earlier in the year, but the Angels appeared to absorb the negative press fairly well, and moved past it. This however has the potential to tear the team apart from within. The players are very clearly loyal to Scioscia and his staff, and if Moreno were to fire the manager, or more of his coaches, the situation would worsen exponentially. Dipoto might be the odd man out, and with the way this story has escalated, it needs to be resolved quickly. This has become an enormous distraction for a team that is barely above .500, and the longer this gets dragged out, the more it's going to hurt the Angels.