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Does Josh Hamilton's injury open up a bigger window for Joey Gallo?

After seven games with the Texas Rangers, they now have to deal with a familiar problem; Josh Hamilton's delicate hamstrings.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Everything was going so well for the Rangers and their reunion with Josh Hamilton, but that's come to a crashing halt with the news that he's re-injured his hamstring.

In his first seven games back with the club, Hamilton was on fire, and looked like the player the Angels thought they were getting. His slash line was .273/.385/.636, and produced a wOBA of .433 and a wRC+ of 178. His bat, combined with Prince Fielder and the recently promoted Joey Gallo gave Texas some incredible power threats in the middle of their order, which was unfortunately short lived.

While Hamilton's injury is awful news after the way things were going in his second stint with the Rangers, it may provide Texas with an opportunity to give more playing time to Gallo. He's primarily a third baseman, and that's where he's going to play until Adrian Beltre comes back from injury; but with Hamilton's injury, it's fair to wonder if Gallo might have a longer stay in the big leagues.

He's played just two games at the big league level, and is too small of a sample size to bother with, but in 34 games at AAA in 2015, Gallo posted a line of .314/.425/.636, with an ISO of .322, a wOBA of .468, and a wRC+ of 193. He has tremendous power, and hits towering home runs that are reminiscent of some of Hamilton's blasts. If he can prove over these next couple of weeks that he can handle major league pitching, and keep his strikeout rates within reason, Texas may choose to keep Gallo up with the team rather than sending him back to the minors.