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Devin Mesoraco the outfielder?

According to a recent report, Devin Mesoraco may try to play the outfield to salvage his season.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Devin Mesoraco hasn't been able to play much this season, and has started just nine games; five behind the plate and four as a DH. He's dealing with a hip issue that prevents him from being able to get into the crouching position, and will likely require surgery at some point this year. In 51 at-bats this season, Mesoraco has only been able to muster a line of .178/.275/.244, with a wOBA of .242 and a wRC+ of 48.

Despite his struggles, Mesoraco is apparently not ready to give up on the season just yet.

While playing through an injury can make it worse, the Reds don't appear to be worried that Mesoraco is in danger of doing that. He's already seen a specialist, and the team is convinced that he'll be ready to play in 2016, regardless of when he has to have surgery.

Mesoraco has been in the big leagues since 2011, but has never played anywhere other than catcher. It remains to be seen whether or not he'll be able to handle the drastic position change, but he's clearly motivated to do everything he can to stay off the DL.

Marlon Byrd has a fractured wrist

This is unfortunate news for the Reds, who may have been hoping to shop Byrd around as a trade deadline candidate. At 22-29, they're not well positioned for a playoff run, and will likely sell off multiple pieces before July 31st. While that's still more than a month away, if Byrd has to spend a significant amount of time away from the team, and can't prove himself once he returns, the Reds may be stuck with him for the time being. He's gotten off to an extremely slow start, and this injury drives his stock down even further.