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Rafael Soriano will throw for teams next Thursday

The former Washington Nationals closer has a new agent, and is looking to get back into the game.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

35-year-old Rafael Soriano plans to hold an open throwing session in the Dominican Republic next Thursday, according to his representatives at Octagon Baseball. Soriano was represented by Scott Boras, but switched to Octagon last week, likely because it's June and he's still watching baseball from home.

Over the course of the season Soriano has received some interest from various teams, but has failed to sign anything. It was almost considered a certainty that he was going to sign with the Miami Marlins at one point, but that fell through over concerns about his velocity. The Chicago Cubs were also interested in upgrading their bullpen and viewed Soriano as a potential solution; but once again, nothing materialized.

So who will be there?

There are a number of teams that could be attendance to at least see where Soriano is at. The Yankees are looking for a right-handed reliever, and have a history with Soriano; as he served as their closer after Mariano Rivera torn his ACL.

Earlier this week, the Braves expressed interest in acquiring a reliever or two for their MLB worst bullpen. However they want to do so without giving up young talent or paying a lot of money, which means that Soriano may be out of their price range.

The Mariners, Dodgers and Blue Jays have also been trying to piece together a better bullpen, and may look towards signing Soriano before going back to the trade market.

For teams that are hesitant to trade young talent for Jonathan Papelbon or Francisco Rodriguez, checking in on Soriano carries no risk. If he can prove that his velocity is back, and isn't the pitcher that had a 6.48 ERA in the second half of 2014, he should have no problem finding a home.

Soriano has a chance to prove that the Marlins concerns were not true and that he still has something left in the tank for the 2015 season, and help some team fix their bullpen for a playoff push.