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MLB draft results 2015: Live thread -- Every 1st round pick, team, and slot

The draft is finally here! Follow along with our live thread and detailed coverage of each pick.

Jonathan Moore/Getty Images

After months of lead up, the 2015 draft is finally upon us. Listed below is the draft order from the first overall pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks, to the last pick in the competitive balance round by the Cleveland Indians. There will be 75 players selected in the first night of the draft, and the list will be updated live, immediately after Rob Manfred announces each pick. Along with the team and the player, you can also find a detailed story about each individual player, with their college stats, where they were projected to go, and scouting videos when possible. In addition, their recommended signing bonus is listed for each player and barring any "reach picks" what we should expect that player to receive.

Throughout this year's mock draft season, the one thing that was made abundantly clear was that there was no consensus overall pick; making it much more interesting than in years past. It's been incredibly difficult to predict what teams are thinking, and this has the potential to be one of the most chaotic drafts in recent memory.

Team Player (Full Story) Position Recommended Slot
1. Diamondbacks Dansby Swanson (Player Profile) SS $8,616,900
2. Astros (Comp) Alex Bregman (Player Profile) SS $7,420,100
3. Rockies Brendan Rodgers (Player Profile) SS $6,223,300
4. Rangers Dillon Tate (Player Profile) RHP $5,026,300
5. Astros Kyle Tucker (Player Profile) OF $4,188,700
6. Twins Tyler Jay (Player Profile) LHP $3,889,500
7. Red Sox Andrew Benintendi (Player Profile) OF $3,590,400
8. White Sox Carson Fulmer (Player Profile) RHP $3,470,600
9. Cubs Ian Happ (Player Profile) OF $3,351,000
10. Phillies Cornelius Randolph (Player Profile) SS $3,231,300
11. Reds Tyler Stephenson (Player Profile) C $3,141,600
12. Marlins Josh Naylor (Player Profile) 1B $3,051,800
13. Rays Garrett Whitely (Player Profile) OF $2,962,100
14. Braves Kolby Allard (Player Profile) LHP $2,842,400
15. Brewers Trenton Clark (Player Profile) OF $2,692,700
16. Yankees James Kaprielian (Player Profile) RHP $2,543,300
17. Indians Brady Aiken (Player Profile) LHP $2,393,600
18. Giants Phil Bickford (Player Profile) RHP $2,333,800
19. Pirates Kevin Newman (Player Profile) SS $2,273,800
20. Athletics Richie Martin (Player Profile) SS $2,214,000
21. Royals Ashe Russell (Player Profile) RHP $2,184,200
22. Tigers Beau Burrows (Player Profile) RHP $2,154,200
23. Cardinals Nick Plummer (Player Profile) OF $2,124,400
24. Dodgers Walker Buehler (Player Profile) RHP $2,094,400
25. Orioles D.J. Stewart (Player Profile) OF $2,064,500
26. Angels Taylor Ward (Player Profile) C $2,034,500
Compensation Round Player (Full Story) Position Recommended Slot
27. Rockies Mike Nikorak (Player Profile) RHP $2,004,600
28. Braves Mike Soroka RHP $1,974,700
29. Blue Jays Jon Harris (Player Profile) RHP $1,944,800
30. Yankees Kyle Holder SS $1,914,900
31. Giants Chris Shaw 1B $1,885,000
32. Pirates Ke'Bryan Hayes (Player Profile) 3B $1,855,000
33. Royals Nolan Watson (Player Profile) RHP $1,825,200
34. Tigers Christin Stewart OF $1,795,100
35. Dodgers Kyle Funkhouser (Player Profile) RHP $1,756,100
36. Orioles Ryan Mountcastle SS $1,711,900
Competitive Balance A Player (Full Story) Position Recommended Slot
37. Astros Daz Cameron (Player Profile) OF $1,668,600
38. Rockies Tyler Nevin 3B $1,626,500
39. Cardinals Jake Woodford RHP $1,585,400
40. Brewers Nathan Kirby LHP $1,545,400
41. Braves Austin Riley 3B $1,506,400
42. Indians Triston McKenzie RHP $1,468,400
Round 2 Player (Full Story) Position Recommended Slot
43. Diamondbacks Alex Young LHP $1,431,400
44. Rockies Peter Lambert RHP $1,395,200
45. Rangers Eric Jenkins OF $1,360,100
46. Astros Thomas Eshelman RHP $1,325,700
47. Cubs Donny Dewees OF $1,292,100
48. Phillies Scott Kingery 2B $1,259,600
49. Reds Antonio Santillan RHP $1,227,800
50. Marlins Brett Lilek LHP $1,196,800
51. Padres Austin Smith RHP $1,178,400
52. Rays Chris Betts C $1,160,500
53. Mets Demond Linsday OF $1,142,700
54. Braves Lucas Herbet C $1,125,200
55. Brewers Cody Ponce RHP $1,108,000
56. Blue Jays Brady Singer RHP $1,091,200
57. Yankees Jeff Degano LHP $1,074,400
58. Nationals Andrew Stevenson OF $1,058,100
59. Indians Juan Hillman LHP $1,041,900
60. Mariners Nick Neidert RHP $1,025,900
61. Giants Andrew Suarez LHP $1,010,100
62. Pirates Kevin Kramer SS $994,800
63. Athletics Mikey White SS $979,600
64. Royals Josh Staumont RHP $964,600
65. Tigers Tyler Alexander LHP $949,900
66. Cardinals Bryce Denton 3B $935,400
67. Dodgers Mitch Hansen OF $921,100
68. Orioles Jonathan Hughes RHP $907,000
69. Nationals Blake Perkins OF $893,100
70. Angels Jahmai Jones OF $879,500
Competitive Balance B Player (Full Story) Position Recommended Slot
71. Reds Tanner Rainey RHP $865,900
72. Mariners Andrew Moore RHP $852,800
73. Twins Kyle Cody RHP $839,700
74. Dodgers Josh Sborz RHP $827,000
75. Braves A.J. Minter LHP $814,300