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MLB draft 2015: Royals draft Nolan Watson thirty-third overall

With the 33rd pick in the draft, the Royals have selected high school starter Nolan Watson. Of the three major mock draft boards, only had him listed in the first 36 picks, with the San Francisco Giants taking him 31st overall in the compensation round. He slipped a couple spots, and joins RHP Ashe Russell as the newest additions to the Royals system. Their pitching staff at the big league level is full of veterans, and will need to be replenished soon.

Watson has a fastball that sits 92-95 mph, and compliments that pitch with a slider, curveball, and changeup. He's committed to Vanderbilt at the moment, which may make it more difficult to actually sign him. But considering he went 33rd overall the Royals should be optimistic that he'll forego his college years to start his professional career immediately.

He has a smooth delivery, and at 6'2", 200 lb, already has a good frame for a starting pitcher.