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2015 MLB draft: Astros clear winner of the first day

After a dismal 2014 draft, the Astros more than made up for it in 2015, and got some of this year's best talent.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

While it's impossible to know exactly how the careers of the recently drafted players will go, we can identify which teams did the best as of right now with the information that's available. With countless scouting reports and player profiles, it's clear that out of all 30 teams, the Astros had the best day by far.

Player Position Recommended Slot Profile
Alex Bregman SS $8,616,900 Player Profile
Kyle Tucker OF $4,188,700 Player Profile
Daz Cameron OF $1,668,600 Player Profile
Thomas Eshelman RHP $1,325,700 Player Profile

In their first three picks, and with the help of Cameron slipping down the draft board, Houston snagged three of the top seven prospects according to Baseball America. While Eshelman wasn't as highly regarded as his fellow draftees, he has perhaps the best control in college baseball, as shown by his 20.83 K/BB ratio in the regular season.

The Astros will now turn their attention to actually signing these players, and early indications are that the team is optimistic. Cameron may prove to be the most difficult of the four, as his asking price was high (seemingly the reason for his fall on draft day); but because of Houston's large bonus pool, they have a realistic chance of signing him. Cameron's father, former big leaguer Mike Cameron, is feeling good about the Astros, and is confident they'll give him the money they're looking for. They have $17,289,200 to work with, and may also try to sign Tucker to an under slot deal, as he was taken slightly higher than most draft boards predicted.

Houston played a similar game in 2012 when they took Carlos Correa number one overall and signed him to an under slot deal. By doing so it allowed them to spread out their pool money, and convince to their later picks, Lance McCullers and Rio Ruiz, to forego their college years. If the Astros manage to sign all four of these players, they'll have come away with one the most impressive draft haul's in recent memory.