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Shakeup coming to Anaheim? Arte Moreno holds closed door meetings

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Earlier today, the Angels' situation worsened between Jerry Dipoto and Mike Scioscia, and changes could be coming soon.

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Changes may be coming in Anaheim. According to a report from's Alden Gonzalez, team owner Arte Moreno has held closed-door meetings throughout the day and there have been rumblings about change in management.

Tim Brown reported just a few hours ago that the relationship between Anaheim's GM, Jerry Dipoto, and their manager, Mike Scioscia had deteriorated even further, and had reached a point that was likely "irreparable". Moreno has had to deal with dustups between these two before, but with Dipoto bypassing Scioscia and his coaching staff to get scouting reports to his players, the situation reached a tipping point.

In the same report form Brown, a source was quoted as saying that "something's going to give this time" and that something could be happening soon. This is Moreno's team, and he ultimately is in the position to make drastic changes if he feels they're necessary. This situation cannot be allowed to distract the team any longer, and a solution must be reached quickly. Any new information will be updated as it comes in.