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Michael Cuddyer "highly concerned" about knee; Mets might shift trade targets

The New York Mets outfielder hurt his knee while running to first base during last night's contest.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes things get a lot worse before they get better, and that is the case for the New York Mets. After a seven game losing streak, it felt as though New York was coming back to Earth. The injuries were catching up to them, and their superb pitching was being wasted because of the Mets' inability to score runs. Their 11 game winning streak is a distant memory, and is truly the only reason they're still within striking distance of a playoff spot.

Then the Mets rattled off four straight victories, and appeared to have righted the ship for the time being. Last night however, Michael Cuddyer left the game after hurting his left knee, and it could be serious.

Mets fans have been holding their breath on a trade all season, and it hasn't happened. This could be the final straw for general manager Sandy Alderson, and might force him to do something.

Shortstop has been the position that was viewed as a weakness for the Mets, and was atop the list of upgrades as July 31st approaches. However If Cuddyer's MRI comes back and shows a serious issue, Lagares and Granderson are all that remains in the outfield. John Mayberry Jr. could see some more time, as could Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who is hitting .349 with six home-runs and 16 RBI's in 11 games with Triple-A Las Vegas.

On the trade front, there isn't a ton available at the moment with teams still figuring out if they are buyers or sellers. Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig could be available after a report surfaced about Puig having multiple altercations with his teammates.

From a more realistic standpoint, there is a very bold in-house option for the Mets to turn to. Michael Conforto. The Mets first round pick in the 2014 draft has been very impressive, as he has already been promoted to Double-A Binghamton. During 28 games with them this season, he's hitting .333/.421/.543 with 3 home runs and 15 RBIs. The jump from Double-A to the majors would be quite the leap, but the Mets really don't have other options, and it has been done before.

If they don't want to trade their young pitching for hitting, then they'll have to get creative, and possibly promote Conforto or even Brandon Nimmo. For the Mets and their fans, this is the could be the most important MRI of the season, as it might force upper management into action.