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What Las Vegas' World Series odds say about the trade deadline

There are a new set of World Series odds in Las Vegas, with the Cardinals and Nationals as co-favorites for the title.

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Bovada has released a new set of World Series odds as July begins, placing the St.Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals as co-favorites to win the title at 7/1.

The odds can also be a good frame for how teams will approach the trade deadline, seeing as Vegas generally has a good grasp on which teams are primed for success.

The recently-released odds have nine teams with a better than 20/1 chance to win the World Series, and all nine will likely look to be buyers at the trade deadline. That group includes some teams, like the Royals, Dodgers and Astros, and some others, like the Tigers and Pirates that have not been front-and-center in trade rumors.

Conversely, there is a group of 10 teams with odds of 50/1 or worse to win the World Series, who will all likely be sellers at the deadline. Many of these teams, the A's, Phillies and Reds among them, have been heavily involved in the rumor mill, while there is near radio silence from teams such as the Marlins, Mariners and White Sox.

Between the two groups is a group of 11 teams that have decisions to make and may not make any significant moves at all as they prepare for 2016.

The buyers

St. Louis Cardinals - 7/1
Washington Nationals - 7/1
Kansas City Royals - 8/1
Los Angeles Dodgers - 8/1
San Francisco Giants - 10/1      
Pittsburgh Pirates - 14/1
Chicago Cubs - 16/1
Detroit Tigers - 16/1
Houston Astros - 16/1

The middle ground

Baltimore Orioles - 20/1
New York Yankees - 20/1
Toronto Blue Jays - 20/1
Los Angeles Angels - 25/1
New York Mets  - 25/1
Tampa Bay Rays - 25/1
Texas Rangers - 25/1
Boston Red Sox - 28/1
Cleveland Indians - 33/1
Minnesota Twins - 33/1
San Diego Padres - 40/1

The sellers

Oakland Athletics - 50/1
Seattle Mariners - 50/1
Chicago White Sox - 66/1
Atlanta Braves - 75/1
Arizona Diamondbacks - 150/1
Cincinnati Reds - 150/1                         
Miami Marlins - 150/1      
Colorado Rockies - 200/1
Milwaukee Brewers - 1,000/1
Philadelphia Phillies - 1,000/1