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Mets, Brewers "recently" discussed Aramis Ramirez, Jean Segura

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The two teams had dialogue a couple of weeks ago surrounding the veteran third baseman and the young shortstop.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers have re-ignited trade talks, according to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports.

With David Wright's return surrounded with question marks, it's no surprise that the Mets would be looking to acquire a fill-in third baseman. Ramirez would be a rental, as the 37-year-old plans to retire at the end of the season. The only knock against him, besides his .236/.280/.424 line, is that he can only play one position, and if Wright were to return in 2015, Ramirez would become a bench player.

The Mets have been looking for some with more versatility, and Ben Zobrist fits that mold perfectly. He could fill in at third for now and move almost anywhere else if Wright came back later. Time is against the Mets however, and with Zobrist not likely to be moved until the later stages of July, they may have to bite the bullet on a player like Ramirez.

On the Segura front, Mets fans have clamored for an upgrade at shortstop since Jose Reyes departed following the 2011 season. Ruben Tejada hasn't panned out as a prospect and is more suited for a role as a backup infielder; and the Wilmer Flores experiment went about as well as it could have. Unfortunately his defensive issues were too much and Flores was moved back to second base.

There is a small case of "anybody but Tejada/Flores" going on within the Mets fan base, and Segura clearly fits that profile. Let's play a quick player comparison game.

Player A:  70 GP, .267/.299/.343, 3 home runs, 24 RBIs,  -3.1 UZR

Player B:  53 GP, .236/.320/.328, 1 home run, 13 RBIs,  0.4 UZR

Player A is Segura, and player B is current Mets shortstop Tejada. One could wonder if a 30 point increase in terms of batting average is worth the trade off of what Segura gives back in terms of defense. For comparison sake, Flores has a UZR of 0.3, which is also better than Segura's.

With these talks beginning to heat up again, the Mets could be looking at Segura and Ramirez as potential upgrades for their stalling offense.