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Angels still seeking hitter in trade talks

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It looked like the Astros were getting ready to run away with the AL West, but heading into the 2nd half of the season, it's the Angels who are atop the standings.

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While there has yet to be a significant trade in the month of July, that doesn't mean that there aren't talks going on behind the scenes. Front offices are undoubtedly working around the clock, and negotiating with other organizations to try and acquire players to improve their respective ball clubs. There are a lot of pieces to target before the deadline passes, and it seems that the Angels would like to add a hitter.

It's unclear what the major hold up is that's preventing the first major deal from happening, but at least for Anaheim, it seems as though they're unwilling to overpay for what's currently being asked. Teams like the A's, Reds, and Phillies have pieces to move that would likely jump start this whole process, but for their own respective reasons, have yet to pull the trigger on anything.

Despite playing in the same division, the Angels did inquire on Josh Reddick and Ben Zobrist earlier this season.

"When the Angels reached out to Oakland about Reddick, they received a flat 'no', according to a report from Ken Rosenthal of[Alden] Gonzalez notes that the Angels tried to get the Red Sox involved in a potential three-way deal, with Boston acting as a "liaison" that could acquire Reddick and then flip him to the Angels"

Reddick is signed through 2017, and while he clearly holds a lot of trade value, the Angles don't have a chance of trading for him. If Anaheim is still in the market for an outfielder, as Matt Joyce has greatly underperformed, they could look to acquire Brandon Moss, Jay Bruce, Gerardo Parra, or possibly Carlos Gonzalez. The Angels rank fifth in OF fWAR, but 75.3 percent of that value comes from just Mike Trout. There are only 15 days before the deadline passes, and teams will need to get things moving soon.