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MLB trade rumors: Reds ready to trade Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake

Johnny Cueto is the big prize of the trade deadline, holding everything up while we wait to see his fate.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The trade market is quiet -- a little too quiet for some of us. That's because some of the bigger names haven't been moved yet. One of those bigger names is Cincinnati Reds ace Johnny Cueto, who's been rumored for months now to be moving to a new home.

Well it appears that Cueto may not have to wait much longer to learn his fate:

Cueto is obviously considered the big prize for teams this trade season, alongside Phillies ace Cole Hamels. Cueto's teammate Mike Leake is viewed as a secondary option for teams that miss out on or can't afford Cueto and Hamels.

Cueto's price tag in terms of prospects hasn't appeared to deter any teams away. In fact, some rather surprising teams have emerged as favorites to land him.

The Houston Astros obviously have had a surprising season. An improved bullpen coupled with young talent making it to the majors has been the perfect storm for Houston in 2015. They might feel now is the time to tap into the rest of their prospect pool to make a trade for a front-line starter, making a push to surpass the Angels in the division.

For Kansas City, it has been a rough year for their rotation. Ace Yordano Ventura, amid injury, ejection, and leaving games early, is having a down year with a 4.73 ERA in 13 starts. Jason Vargas is on the 15-day disabled list and the team has had to rely on 36-year-old Chris Young more than they probably envisioned.

These two teams would benefit greatly from bringing in the 29-year-old Cueto, who has sported a 2.73 ERA in 118.2 innings this season. Keeping him after this year may be a challenge for both teams, but when trying to compete for a championship, sometimes risks need to be taken.