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Phillies 'pushing to finish' Jonathan Papelbon deal

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The club is also working on getting a Cole Hamels trade complete.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Papelbon wants to be traded and a deal might get done over the next few days. The veteran closer has not drawn a notable amount of interest because of his extensive contract, but according to ESPN's Buster Olney, the Phillies are "pushing to finish" a deal involving Papelbon.

Papelbon, 34, was Philadelphia's lone All-Star representative and has posted a 1.82 ERA and 3.12 FIP over 34.2 innings while also saving 14 contests. He had a notable amount of success last season, during which he saved 39 games and posted a 2.04 ERA and 2.53 FIP over 66.1 innings.

While the Phillies are expected to trade Papelbon, they might have a hard time because of his contract. He is due $13 million at the end of this season and his $13 million vesting option for next season is automatically applied if he finishes 48 games this year. Papelbon's contract does include a limited no-trade clause, however since he has publicly expressed interest in playing for a contending club, it is not expected to cause a conflict.

Although his salary has been an issue in previous trade talks, the Phillies have made it clear they are willing to pay a significant portion of his contract. Philadelphia is rebuilding and as a result will likely request at least a pair of top arms or position players in a deal involving Papelbon. The club has reportedly considered waiting until the offseason to deal Papelbon, however if a large portion of his contract is paid, the Phillies might receive better prospects in return if a deal is made before the end of the month. Papelbon is not the only late inning option on the market, as Francisco Rodriguez, Tyler Clippard, and Craig Kimbrel could also be dealt.

In addition to noting the Phillies are working on finishing a Papelbon deal, Olney adds they are discussing a Cole Hamels trade with multiple clubs. Hamels, 31, has posted a 3.13 ERA and 3.40 FIP over 116.2 innings this season. The Tigers, Yankees, Royals, and Astros are among the clubs interested in adding starting pitching.

Philadelphia has struggled in 2015 and is likely looking towards 2016. Adding prospects in deals involving Hamels and Papelbon might be the first step in doing so.