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Injured pitchers set to return: Jose Fernandez, Matt Cain, and Matt Moore

Three pitchers who have been absent from the major league stage all year are all set to return to the mound today.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

At 12:10 eastern, three big name pitchers will all be returning from various injuries. Jose Fernandez and Matt Cain will oppose each other in Miami, while Matt Moore is set to take on the the Cleveland Indians at home in Tampa.

If only one of these pitchers was making their return today, it would be huge news. Fernandez was arguably the most exciting young pitcher in baseball before his injury, Cain was the Giants' ace who had helped them capture two World Series titles, and Moore was just another one of the Rays' phenomenally talented pitchers who was seemed primed for greatness.

Each ran into injury trouble in the last couple of years, and are now are going to be pitching for the first time this season in just a few minutes. Fernandez and Moore are making their way back from Tommy John Surgery, while Cain had bone chips in his elbow and bone spurs in his ankle.

Both games start at 12:10 EST (10 minutes from when this was published), so make sure to watch them if you can. It's an exciting day for baseball, as the game is undoubtedly better when these players are healthy and able to take the field.