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Is something wrong with Johnny Cueto?

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The Reds have yet to trade Johnny Cueto, and there's a chance it could be too late.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

In Johnny Cueto's last start, he pitched just four innings, and walked six batters while striking out only two. The immediate reaction was that his most recent outing wouldn't do much in terms of wrecking  his trade value, but that was under the assumption that Cueto was healthy; which might not be the case.

If all teams have come to a similar conclusion, and this doesn't represent an extreme view, then the Reds might be in trouble in these last ten days of the trade deadline. It's unclear just what exactly could be wrong with Cueto, as a perusal of his Brooks Baseball player page doesn't reveal any glaring issues.

His average release speed, horizontal and vertical movement, as well as horizontal and vertical release points were all within his 2015 norms, which leads us to wonder what that executive was referring to. It's possible that his statement was merely a part of the game, and an attempt to spread panic throughout the industry and lower the asking price on Cueto; but it's also possible that he was being honest, and that something is actually wrong with the Reds' ace.

Cincinnati was waiting until after the All-Star break to start selling, which could ultimately wind up costing them a chance to jump-start their rebuilding process. With each additional start, there was an unnecessary risk of injury to Cueto, and it seems that might have happened.