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Brewers trade rumors: Jonathan Lucroy rebuffed on extension talks

The catcher presented the Brewers with an extension proposal that they were not interested in.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Brewers rebuffed catcher Jonathan Lucroy when he reached out about an extension last offseason, according to a report from's Adam McCalvy. The team informed Lucroy and his camp that they were not interested in extending him during spring training after he originally presented it in January.

"It was a proposal that would have kept me here for the rest of my career, most likely," Lucroy said. "We gave it to them in early January, and when we got to Spring Training, they informed us they weren't interested in doing anything at this point in time."

Lucroy refused to get into specifics about the extension proposal, though McCalvy speculates that it would be in the five-year range, in line with other deals for catchers throughout baseball. The 29-year old is currently controlled through the 2017 season due to a team-friendly five-year, $11 million extension he signed in 2012, and could hit free agency for the first time in two-and-a-half years. Lucroy's agent, Ryan Gleichowski, declined comment when asked about the negotiations.

Milwaukee's refusal to engage Lucroy in serious talks signals that they may be willing to move him amidst constant trade rumors involving the backstop. The Braves previously inquired on Lucroy and the Mariners are known to be looking for catching help, so the Brewers, who are expected to be in fire-sale mode, will have a large number of suitors if they do decide to move him.