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Orioles trade rumors: Bud Norris on the block

The right-hander is owed $4 million for the rest of the season, meaning the O's will likely have to eat salary to facilitate a deal.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Orioles are trying to trade right-hander Bud Norris, according to a report from Ken Rosenthal of Norris is currently working out of the bullpen after being removed from the rotation.

Norris, 30, is owed about $4 million for the rest of this season before hitting free agency for the first time this winter. He has posted a 6.82 ERA in 60.2 innings over fifteen appearances this year for Baltimore, and is one of the reasons (along with Chris Tillman's struggles) that the O's are expected to pursue pitching upgrades at the deadline.

Baltimore's success in trying to trade Norris will likely depend on how much of his contract they are willing to take on, as they are unlikely to receive anything of substance in terms of prospects. Teams with wide paychecks who are in need of rotation depth may look to add Norris as a low-cost option in terms of prospects, though the O's may have a hard time moving him due to the large pool of better rotation options on the open market.

Norris was the subject of a significant deadline deal two years ago, when the Astros sent him to the Orioles in exchange for L.J. Hoes, Josh Hader, and a competitive balance draft pick.