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Dodgers trade rumors: David Price is 'atop their wish list'

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The trade season has officially been kicked off thanks to Billy Beane and Jeff Luhnow, and teams are gearing up to make additions of their own.

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Update (12:49 PM): The Dodgers are also talking with the Rangers, but nothing seems imminent.

Now that Scott Kazmir has been traded, rumors are in full force, and they're centered on the starting pitching market. Up until recently, the most talked about players were Johnny Cueto and Cole Hamels, but the Tigers' David Price is quickly moving to the top of teams wish lists. Detroit is seemingly caught in between whether they should buy or sell, but if Price is available, the Dodgers have set their sights on him.

Los Angeles has a loaded farm system, and if they're committed to acquiring him, it wouldn't be wise to bet against them. However the biggest hurdle will ultimately be if the Tigers decide to trade Price. Detroit is currently 47-47, 10.5 games back of the Royals in the AL Central, but just three games behind the Twins for the second Wild Card spot. Price is a free agent at the end of the season, and Dave Dombrowksi might decide that it's in the best interests of the franchise to trade him to the highest bidder.

If that's the direction that they choose to go in, there are at least two other teams that would appear to have interest in getting Price.

It was reported earlier that the Blue Jays were "all in" on Cueto, but they might shift their focus to Price if the Tigers put him on the market. Dombrowski would likely ask for at least Daniel Norris, and perhaps Jeff Hoffman, which would immediately help replenish their pitching depth. As for the Cubs, they have a plethora of position players that are blocked already, who could be included in a deal.

While Nightengale reported that the Tigers might not be willing to make a decision on Price until next week, depending on their talks with specific teams, and how quickly pitchers like Cueto or Hamels get moved, they may be forced to expedite that process and act before it's too late.