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Was Gerardo Parra almost sent to the Mets?

According to Marc Carig it was a possibility as recently as last night.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning, the Mets announced that they had called up top prospect, Michael Conforto. Initially, that move seemed to have been made independent of anything else, but according to Marc Carig, Conforto's promotion was the direct result of a trade that never happened.

Carig later noted that New York has had their eye on Parra for a long time, but the Brewers are getting "a lot of interest" on him, which might have priced the Mets out of the negotiations. While it's unfortunate that they couldn't pull something off for the outfielder, the good news here is that at least they are doing something. Carig also points out that, at least in his opinion, it's still too early to rule out a deal between the two teams, and something could eventually materialize.

With Parra off the board, and Conforto up in the big leagues, it's unclear what the Mets' next move is going to be. Josh Reddick is apparently someone they have interest in, but he'd cost more than Parra, in terms of prospects, which might scare off the front office.

*Marc Carig was originally written as, Craig.