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Blue Jays trade rumors: Jeff Samardzija among many pitching options

The team has as many as eight starters on its radar at this point.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays are casting a wide net in their search for starting pitching, but we are gaining some clarity on who the team's top targets are at this juncture. According to Dan Hayes of, the Jays are making the "biggest push" to acquire Jeff Samardzija from the White Sox, signaling that the team has the right-hander very high on its list of available options.

On the contrary, Brewers' right-hander Mike Fiers is "near the bottom" of the team's priority list, according to a major-league source, despite reports last week that Toronto had strong interest in Fiers. A source with the club declined to confirm if Samardzija was atop the team's list of targets.

According to Jon Heyman of, the Jays are considering Samardzija, Fiers, Mike Leake (Reds), Dan Haren and Mat Latos (Marlins), Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross (Padres) and Carlos Carrasco (Indians) in their search for pitching. A source confirmed on Sunday that the club thought they were close to a deal for Carrasco at some point recently, but talks fell apart at the last minute.

Toronto has also been linked to Tigers' ace David Price, though it is not yet known if the Tigers are willing to deal him. The Padres are known to be aggressively scouting Toronto, leading to speculation about Cashner and Ross, though San Diego is also in talks with many other clubs, including the Yankees and Cubs.