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Phillies trade rumors: Giants making 'strong push' for Cole Hamels

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The Giants have made a late push to enter the Cole Hamels sweepstakes, and they have put themselves in the mix.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in the shuffle of the Troy Tulowitzki blockbuster trade, the Giants have emerged as one of the teams in the mix for Phillies ace Cole Hamelsaccording to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The Giants don't have the prospect system that the Rangers or Dodgers have, so their financial flexibility is their biggest bargaining chip. If they were willing to part with  RHP Kyle Crick or newly signed SS Lucius Fox (and this is pure speculation by me), that would be able to start meaningful dialogue between the two.

The Dodgers and Rangers have emerged as the favorites, largely due to their depth in the prospect system. It's another day filled with Hamels rumors, as he remains the top prize on the market with Johnny Cueto already off the board.