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Does Drew Storen want out of Washington?

The Nationals acquired Jonathan Papelbon earlier today, and might have alienated Drew Storen in the process.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

On what has been the busiest day of the trade deadline season, the Washington Nationals acquired Phillies' closer Jonathan Papelbon. Initially, it appeared as if everything had gone as smoothly as possible.

While Storen was undoubtedly disappointed about losing his role as the closer, it looked like both parties would move on without any huge issues; however that might not be the case. A few hours after the news broke, Storen had some interesting comments about the future.

The fact that Storen gave a statement about this trade is all the indication we need that he's not on board with this decision, and that he could even be hoping for the Nationals to trade him. It would seem unlikely that Mike Rizzo would deal one of his best relievers in the middle of a division race, but if Storen feels unwanted, and disrespected, it might have to be a serious consideration. Many have noted that Papelbon's persona could have adverse effects for this team, and we could be seeing them already.

A request for comment to Storen's representatives went unanswered, according to our Chris Cotillo.